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OUTSIDE THE BOX – Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The fifth intellectual output consists in the promotion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the creation of inclusion common strategies among European higher education institutions.


The creation of a MoU and the consequence definition of the University network needs a preliminary analysis both of the existing innovative experience of strength-based approach for dyslexics and a comparative analysis of the existing supporting centres within HEIs, aiming at identifying pros and cons. A special focus will highlight how thinking/general skills and strengths of dyslexic students match closely to the new set of core-work related abilities and cross-functional skills, as defined by the World Economic Forum. Such analysis will be developed in different level considering the job market situation, from a local level to a European level. A mapping of the required competences will be made, according to the main characteristics of the public and private bodies active at local and national level, in order to highlight how the strengths of dyslexic learners correspond to the specific competences that the public and private sectors are looking for.


The MoU will foresee different target groups according the different area of action:

  • Training and teaching activities – the MoU will propose the definition of training paths that can be activated within HEIs for teachers/administrative staff and students on the basis of existing and experience from O4 and its experimental application within C1 and C2. The working group of this area consists of the team of trainers and the team of trained teachers of IO4 with the collaboration of the administrative managers of the disability services and the coordinators of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
  • Academic career support services and tools: student end-users; teaching and administrative staff, coordinators of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Lab of Panteion
  • Support services to foster employability. Target group: Vet providers as a cluster between the academic and private sector, representatives of the private and public sector, local and regional government department, associations for dyslexics, academic employment services. 

Outside the box aims at creating a networked cooperation area for the implementation of the actions defined in the MoU. Both the definition of a shared strategy and the creation of a network are innovative elements that do not yet exist within HEIs.


To increase the capacity of universities to become innovative centres in supporting all students in their university career and enable them in their first step into the job market through the common patterns shared within the Piloting Hubs network. The Outside the box MoU and its first core (HEIs and VET providers) share the overall objective and is set to allow all organisations to join the network in order to standardise services and tools for dyslexic students and promote up-to-date best practices. Finally, the network will facilitate future international initiatives and projects for dyslexic students within European programmes.


The MoU, as conceived, is organised in working groups composed of different people from different HEIs and countries working in a network. It will propose common procedures for each working group that can be used and transferable by all HEIs. Moreover, the main feature of the MoU is the possibility to transfer the methodology to other specific learning disorders and create a standard approach to raise awareness of disorders and how they should be treated.

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